Sunday, June 30, 2013

And She Fell in Love .........(3)

Father - "No daughter,It`s reality. Our committee has decided to help you after knowing your problems."
Julia - "But father , I am not in this condition that i shall pay this money back."
Father - "No need to pay back. Take it as God`s blessing ."

(Father did not tell her that this money was given by George and he is helping her indirectly.)

Julia returned back to her house. Now, relief was on her face. She decided to pay his money back.On following day she gave his money back with a warning 'Don`t try to help me. I know what type of man you are !'. George smiled and said nothing because he liked her innocence nature and way of scolding every time.

She started working in restaurant as waitress.she was doing her job very well. She was learning everything very quickly. She was getting much tip for her services.

Once , she was dealing with a customer but he was giving an order in rude way, she told her to talk gently but started talking obscene. It was enough for Julia , she slapped him and went away. Having red face, that man went to owner and made complain against her. Julia explained whole occurrence nevertheless Julia was fired. Owner was not listening any argument.

It was bolt from blue to her again. She was guessing about solution. All of a sudden, she got an idea. She will open her own restaurant. She knew every thing about this business but she have n`t proper money to start it.

She shared this idea with their friends, they also supported. when she told them how much money this idea needed . They all kept silent because none has as money as it was needed. Julia decided to take loan from bank. She did all formalities finally loan of $20,000 was passed. She chose her house for this project.

It was monday, a lovely morning, Every thing was ready, she was waiting for her first customer. George was going somewhere, Aww he was amazed , he saw a newly opened restaurant. He decided to take his lunch there.

He opened door. Now both were surprised.
Julia - "You are here ? What are you doing here ?"
George - "Sorry, But I came here to take lunch ! Have I done something wrong ?"
Julia - "Ok, What do you like to take?"
George -"Escargots"
Julia -"There is a scheme also. Would you prefer that ?"
George - "Yeah ! I will but ask me humbly , please"

He made her angry nevertheless she fulfilled his order.

George - "Nice service"
Julia - "No need to say !"

George smiled and went away on his job. He often came there and took lunch to tease her. she served him unwillingly.

          ...............remaining part will be in next post So keep in touch :))

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And she fell in love......(2)

After few days, a tenant named George Wilson took room beside her house. He was looking gentle and calm matured young man. He was on a research of climate change and studying about it. Next day, Julia went for an interview but got fail, luck was also not favoring her. Now she had only hope "Help of  God".
                 George was looking for an assistant. Once he was roaming in the garden and he overheard talking his landlord to neighbour about pitiable condition of Julia. He contacted her and gave some money in advance but there was a question in her mind that why this person is showing much sympathy to her? She disscussed this occurrence to her friends. They told her that he wanted to missuse her so be aware of him. Next day a special occurrence also happened, the cashier of college gave him fee deposite slip of her and her brothers. Now, she was confirmed about it. George asked him to come on work but she told him that she dont want anyone`s help and she will return his money in couple of days. He understood what`s going on in her mind so he decided to help her in another way. He contacted to the churchman of that town who was known as the good man.
                 Here, Julia was upset and she was thinking "how selfish world is!" She went to church and prayed God. At departure time, Father saw her morose face and asked "Daughter, Do  you have any problem? Tell me . I will pray God to show you right path." she answered,"Father, People of now a days are very selfish. they `ve lost moral values. A person tried to trap me after knowing my helplessness  I wanna pay his money back but don`t know how !" Father said,"Don`t worry.keep faith in God "
               Few days later father rang her up and asked her to come to the church. She was surprised why father rang her up? nevertheless she went to church.
Julia - "Father , have you rang me?"
Father-"Yes Daughter, you are in problem so we decided to help you. Yesterday, A donor donated the cheque of  $ 10,000. We can give you half of this amount. Are you agree ,Julia "
Julia(surprised) - "Really father, Tell me , Is it a dream? Can`t believe."  ...........Remaining part in another post so keep in touch :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

And She Fell in Love ......

And She Fell in Love(1 part) ...... 

Hello friends, This is Satya Shukla with new stuff . Today I am here with a story which is very heart touching.I would like to share it with all of you ,hope you all would like it.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named  Julia lived in a small town. She was very happy with his short family.In her family There were five members as she, her two little brothers and her parents. Girl was very cute with innocent nature. She often liked to fun with his family members. Once her parents went outside for a bussines trip. they all one were happy because there was noone who would stop them to do what they like. julia went to their friends house and made great fun that day. Tomorrow, parents were about to come. Next day, everybody was very sincere and was ready for his job. Having prepared their lunch they went to college.

         When they came from their college something was changed. there were few kith and kins with their gloomy faces but matter was not cleared. She was also surprised due to sudden arrival of them. She asked her grandma about Mom - Dad but she was quiet and bursted out that they are now no more(passed away). It was thunder from blue to her. she said,"Not possible !" but it was true. she showed her police death confirmation certificate.last night their plane was crashed she said slowly. Julia fainted and little two ones also started crying. Next day, every thing was same but there was something which they are missing most. All responsibilities came on her humble shoulders. There was no another source of income ,she wanted to keep her study continue but unable to understand how. All fair weather relatives foreclosed to help her financially. She was in great difficulties, she also got college fee notification she did not know what to do. she went to church , prayed God to show her light in this gloomy darkness. 

                                                               Remaining part will be in next post so keep in touch ......