Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And She Fell in Love .....(Final part)

After a deep thinking, Julia decided to visit George in hospital. She was repenting on her acts.
Next day, she bought a  rose bokeh and some fruits for him.
After seeing her he was shocked .
George - "You ! here !"
(she bended her head)
Julia - "Yeah , It`s I."
George - "Wanna kill me!" (He said mockingly)
Julia (with teary eyes) - "Stop kidding. What happened to you."
George - "Nothing, I am taking rest here. you can see."
Julia(smiled) - "You sinner, I will really kill you."
George - "Ha ha ha, sister, please save me."
(Nurse came and it was medicine time, she hinted her to go out.)

Now , she often went to hospital for visiting him. But not have any clear information that when will he recover. Both became good friends and liked to share whole working day story with each other.

Julia - "Hey Buddy, How are you ?"
George - "Fine but feeling little bit pain in my body."
Julia - "No problem, You will recover soon."
George - "What`s about your restaurant? "
Julia - "Very fine. I am grateful to you, Thanks George !"

One day, George was a bit in critical condition. Head doctor was inspecting him. Julia reached at mean time.
She was shocked. In the end of inspection, he talked Julia.
Doctor - "Are you with Mr. George?"
Julia - "Yeah but ...."
Doctor - "Sorry to say but George is the guest of few days"
Julia - "What ?"
Doctor - "He is suffering from blood cancer and he is in last stage."
Julia - "Not possible, What are saying doctor? "
Doctor - " Yes , I am right. He will soonly pass away."

Julia at once went to George, slapped him and started scolding.
Julia - "What am I coming to know about you ? Is it right ?"
George - "Yes, He is right"
Julia - "Why did you not tell me."
George -"You did not ask"
Julia - "You .....!"

Whiningly she went to her house. She was crying bitterly and did not sleep whole night.
Next day , she was in hospital but George was dead.

At the death of George, father also told the reality of charity cheque. She was compelled to think "why good persons have very short life". she wanted his accompaniment.

One day George friend came in her restaurant. 
Philip - "Julia ?"
Julia - "Yes "
Philip -"George had told about you."
(she was surprised)
Julia - "What? What did George tell about me? How do you know George?"
 Philip - "I am his friend. He often talked about you"
Julia - "No, Your friend was liar. He did not tell me about his disease. Was he unknown from it? "
 Philip - "He knew everything about himself. He always said ,"I want to do good for other. I want to use the rest period of my life" and he did "
                                          After few talks he went away.

(She drown into deep thinking)
Although she did not love George but she was missing his absence. A girl who had not intended to love nevertheless she fell in love. Sad that there was no one who reply. 

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Friday, July 5, 2013

And She Fell in Love.....(5)

Next day ,everything was fine a normal. She disclosed her restaurant ,customers were coming but there was something which was missed perhaps Mr. George.

" No, She would not think about petty man. He was punish worthy" she thought herself.

 After massive day work she was going to sleep but she could not .

"Why! Why did that man do it all. what`s hidden reason may be ?" these thoughts were troubling her a lot.

 The following day, she came to her work. Her uncle - Aunty came that day. They admired her for this daring step as she had done. They were very happy after seeing much progress of Julia.

Uncle - "Daughter, You have made extensive adverts for your restaurant."
(These lines reminded her the memory of George )

Julia - "Yeah ! But what did you see?"

Uncle - "Posters, Banner , Wall advert painting and few ones also praising your restaurant."

Julia  - "Thanks Uncle"

Uncle - "We proud of you ! Daughter , Keep it on"

After a short conversation , They went away and left few questions in her mind. Some days later she had been noticed one thing that George had neglected her restaurant completely. One day she asked one of his friend who often came in her restaurant.
Julia - "Hope you know George?"
Tom(Friend of George) - "Yeah ! He is my friend. What a nice man he is !"
Julia -"Is he out of city?"
Tom - "No, Sorry to say but he is in hospital."
Julia - "In hospital? When? How? What happened to him? I had seen him quite well."
Tom - "As I know he is suffering from any disease."
Julia - "Which disease?"
Tom - "Have no idea."
Julia - "Who is looking after him? any kith and kin or girlfriend ?"
Tom - "He is alone."
(Tom went from there after taking his lunch.)

Julia felt a bit sad. At evening she shared this occurrence with her friends. They advised her that she ought to visit George at least one time because he is in misery she should not neglect him rudely. He made great contribution in the promotion of her restaurant.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

And She Fell in Love ........(4)

 After few days, he came to know that Julia has taken loan from a bank and she is unable to pay her installments timely. He had also seen her cheerless , there was something which was perplexing her a lot.
George understood every thing. He decided to help her again but question was how ?

He took the plunged to promote her restaurant. He told his every friend about his favorite restaurant and quality production. He distributed posters of her restaurant and suggested everybody who were known by him.

Impact was quietly visible, Customers of restaurant were increasing day by day. It was a miracle for Julia, she did not know it`s reason but she was happy.

Once she was going somewhere, suddenly, she startled after seeing her restaurant promotion posters. She began to think who is promoting her restaurant and why ? She wanted answer of this question. Question was stucking again and again in to her mind. she fixed up to calibrate. After a deep investigation, she found out Mr. George was doing these adverts in favor of her restaurant. She irritated so much.

Next day, George came to her restaurant as he usually do. She got him serve his order. When he took lunch, she objurgated him and asked ?
Julia - "Why are you doing this? As I told you that I  can not be trapped by you. I know what you want?"
George - "What ? In what matter you are talking about ?"
Julia - "Do not try to be innocence. You know every thing."
George - "Hint, Please"
Julia - "Promotion of my restaurant"
George - "So, What`s wrong in it? I wanted to help"
Julia - "This is question 'Why' .why are trying to help me?"

George kept silence.
Julia - "Answer me. I want answer !"

George again kept silence.

Julia - "Mr. George , This is humble warning for you. Next time, Do not think even come in to my restaurant otherwise be ready for punishment by police" 
George - "As you wish !"

                                                George went from there

At evening, She shared this occurrence this her friends. Everyone was saying she did wrong with George.He wanted to help but according to Julia she was right and she did nothing wrong 

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